People can’t seem to agree whether the cost should be left to the bride or if the bridesmaids should pay their own way.

Irish people have been left divided over who should pay for bridesmaid dresses
Some brides don't think they should pay for their bridesmaids dresses but others disagree

Taking to the Help! I’m Getting Married Facebook group, where people preparing for the big day can ask questions, get advice and chat wedding tips, one woman said: “I’m a bit confused do the bridesmaids pay for their dresses or does the bride pay?”

Many have pointed out that the bride should pay, as it was she who selected her bridesmaids for the big day.

One person said: “Bride and groom pay for everything for the wedding party.”

Another agreed and said: “My bridesmaids aren’t paying for a thing. I asked them so they shouldn’t be expected to.”

A third simply said: “Definitely the bride.”

Others went above and beyond, pointing out that the bride should also pay for hotel rooms for their bridesmaids on the night of the wedding alongside the price of getting their hair and makeup done.

One said: “Paying for everything, hair makeup, dresses, and rooms, don’t want them to spend on anything that’s needed, I’ve gift boxes for the morning that will have their jewellery and hair accessories in too.”

A second bride-to-be said: “I’m paying for my bridesmaids’ dresses, hair, makeup, bags and jewellery and the girls will get their own shoes.”

A third added: “I had three bridesmaids and I paid for everything. Dresses, shoes, bags, jewellery and hair and makeup and I paid for the hotel stay the night before the wedding because we were getting married in the hotel.”

Others pointed out that there are “no rules” and it’s up to the bride and her bridesmaids to decide.

One said: “There are no rules, as long as everyone knows from the start where they stand. It’s all down to what your budget is.

“We paid for our bridesmaids dresses, hair, make up and room for the night, also gift of jewellery.”


One pointed out that the rules seem to differ by country but in Ireland, it normally down to the bride to pick up the cost of bridesmaids’ dresses.

She said: “Here in Ireland the bride pays. I’ve been in five weddings in the US and had to pay for my dress, shoes, hair, makeup, etc. But that doesn’t seem to be done here.”

Others disagreed and said bridesmaids should pay for their own dresses as brides already face demanding bills and huge stress over their big day.

One said: “My sister in law is having eight bridesmaids we are paying for our own dresses.”

Another said: “My bridesmaids are buying their own dresses as I just told them the colour of the dress and they pick the one they love, they show me.”

She joked: “I don’t want three flower vases as bridesmaids.”


Meanwhile, newlyweds are all saying the same thing after a curious bride-to-be posed an intimate wedding night question.

The anonymous bride wondered if couples preparing for their wedding day planned to consummate their vows on the night.

And many of the respondents had the exact same response to her query.

On the same Facebook page, the bride’s question was: “Do any of you brides actually plan on consummating your wedding on your wedding night?


“I have my mum in the next room and my sisters on the other side,
I asked my hubby to be and he replied babe (you will probably) wake up in (your) dress, 19 years together and he never fails to shock me.”

The questions attracted similar responses, with one user writing: “I plan on sleeping…

“We’ve talked about it and said listen, it’s gonna be a long day so if we don’t do it on our wedding night, we’ll do it the next morning.”

Another said: “I told my fiancé if we don’t, we’re getting an annulment.  But in reality we’ll probably both just pass out.”

Many explained that due to the fact the day itself is an incredibly long affair, sleep is often the only appealing option, with one saying: “We went to bed at half five in the morning in our no!”