Whether it’s a short fling or a long-term commitment between two young stars, Hollywood relationships are interesting and complex. Pierce Brosnan and his wife have been married for 20 years, and their love has stood the test of time. They fall in love every time they meet. However, there has been a lot of talk about their relationship recently. When Brosnan, 68, and Keely Shay Smith, 58, first tied the knot, everyone wondered how they got to be so stunningly beautiful.

They first met in April 1994 and married in Ireland on August 4, 2001. Paris Beckett Brosnan and Dylan Thomas Brosnan are the two sons of the couple.

After giving birth to her two children, Smith gained some weight and received a lot of criticism for her appearance. People might be surprised to learn that the former James Bond was with a man whose appearance has changed dramatically, but Brosnan and Smith’s relationship has repeatedly proven to be deeper than meets the eye.

Brosnan has often shown that his wife’s beautiful face is the most important thing to him, regardless of what anyone says about her or traditional beauty standards. Brosnan went out of his way to protect his wife’s relationship with the world, proving that love is more than skin deep in this relationship, no matter what it looks like.

Irish actor Pierce Brosnan played undercover spy James Bond in four James Bond films, including Goldeneye, Tomorrow Never Dies, The World Is Not Enough and Die Another Day. Additionally, he has appeared in several video games set in the same universe.

Brosnan left school at 16 and studied at the London Drama Center for three years. He began his career as a stage actor before moving on to television and film. One of his first notable appearances was on the TV series Remington Steele from 1982-1987.

Later, he achieved great success in films such as Fourth Protocol> and “Suspicious fire.” He became famous and rich around the world for his role as James Bond in several films, which made him instantly popular.

However, Brosnan struggled throughout his life. His first wife, Cassandra Harris, sadly died of ovarian cancer after 11 years of marriage.

They had the couple’s only biological child, Sean Brosnan. Charlotte and Christopher, from Harris’ previous marriage, were adopted by Brosnan after their father’s death in 1986.

Brosnan found it difficult to overcome all the challenges, but he was lucky to have Smith by his side, who encouraged him and helped him in every way. Over the years, Smith has taken on many roles, including actor, journalist, author and TV presenter.

He has appeared on shows such as General Hospital, Good Morning America, The Home Show and Entertainment Tonight. Brosnan protected his wife in their marriage, because he was always by her side in the most difficult situations. Fabiosa says Smith gained weight after giving birth to her two children and continues to gain weight. Although she was criticized by some for this, Brosnan was always by her side and showed her love and respect. They seemed to fall in love all over again every time they saw each other. Brosnan admits, “Kylie gets weak in the knees when she sees me.”

After the death of his first wife and daughter, Smith helped Brosnan “come back to life” and help him grieve and properly process the devastating losses he had suffered in his life, says Fabiosa.

In 2013, Brosnan told Express: “Keeley has always been kind and compassionate and supported me in my grief for Cassie.” Added to this:

“I never stop thinking about him. I consider Keeley my polar star, always looking out for me.”

Brosnan was always in love with his wife because of Smith’s charisma and friendly personality. This became even more apparent when online trolls publicly mocked Smith’s weight. Teen Mom reality star Jenelle Evans shared a photo of the two on Facebook last year and made a nasty comment about Smith’s appearance. Her husband responded to her letter with equally hurtful words, and eventually Facebook had to intervene. A photo of Brosnan and Smith from a previous relationship was placed side by side, along with another photo of Evans. Both photos show her naked on the beach. “This is who we are,” Evans wrote, tagging her husband. Eason immediately replied, “We’re not that fat,” and Evans immediately wrote, “Close,” followed by a laughing emoji. However, Facebook punished them for their cruelty and temporarily banned them from using the site.

Brosnan doesn’t seem to mind being harassed by random online users, and he doesn’t seem to have a problem with his wife’s looks. But more people commented on Smith’s weight than strangers. According to Brosnan, people he knows have made similar claims. he said

“His friends suggested he get weight loss surgery. But I love every curve of her body. I think she is the most beautiful woman. Besides, I also had five children,” he said.

“I loved her not only for her beauty but also for her condition and I love her even more now that she is the mother of my children. I want to always be loved by him because I am proud of him.

Brosnan and Smith have been by each other’s sides all their lives and still seem to be in love. To commemorate the couple’s 20th wedding anniversary, Brosnan shared adorable before and after photos with a cute caption on Instagram. The actor tweeted: “Happy birthday to my love Kylie. My love will grow with you forever.” This celebrity couple’s love always seems to be in the air.

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