Driving is a privilege and it is something that many of us appreciate being able to do. Beyond the fact that it helps to get us from one place to another, it also provides us with a degree of freedom that we would not otherwise possess.

There are also issues associated with driving that are undeniable. Some of these issues can even be dangerous, and that is the case in the following scenario. It’s a scenario that can be corrected with the use of a simple potato.

Most people would not think anything about having a potato in their car because, aside from providing some temporary nutrition, they don’t feel that a potato has much to offer. The fact of the matter is, however, that using a potato can make a difference in the safety and comfort of driving your automobile.

One of the more dangerous issues associated with driving is the possibility of a foggy windshield. When the windshield gets foggy, and it becomes more difficult to see and could lead to accidents.

This is where the use of the potato comes in. All you have to do is cut the potato in half and rub the inside of the potato on the windshield. The rest is scientific magic.

There are natural oils inside of the potato that put a coating on the windshield to help protect it. Rather than allowing moisture to condense on the windshield and produce a foggy look, it stays clear. It helps to keep you safe while you are driving.

Of course, you can’t deny the nutritional value of the potato when you are driving as well. That value can really help you to stay safe in case you are trapped in your vehicle and need something to eat.

Regardless, you may just want to keep a potato with you and it will help to keep you safe. Just make sure that you swap it out on vacation so it doesn’t get rotten.