Hesitation and Discovery

On our wedding night, Scott wanted to get intimate, but I was exhausted and asked for some rest. Despite his disappointment, he agreed, and we went to sleep. However, I woke up to our bed shaking and saw Scott holding a baby. “Everly, this is Ella, my orphaned niece. My stepsister, Maya, is gone. I found out a few weeks ago,” he revealed.

Secrets Unveiled

Back at Scott’s estate, I questioned his decision to raise Ella, given their estranged relationship with Maya. Scott admitted, “Everly, it’s not about Maya. It’s about Ella. She’s innocent and has no one but us.” Later, I found a photograph of Scott with a pregnant woman. “Explain this, Scott. You told me you and Maya were estranged,” I demanded. Scott confessed, “That’s Maya. I met her secretly to help her.”

Truth and Betrayal

Realizing Ella was Scott’s daughter, not his niece, I felt betrayed. “Scott, again, how can we build a life on secrets and half-truths?” I asked. His fear of losing me led him to hide the truth. Heartbroken, I decided to leave, despite Scott’s pleas, “Please, Everly, think about Ella. She needs you.”

Final Revelation

Amanda, a mysterious woman, approached me at the beach, revealing, “I’m Scott’s ex-wife… and this is our baby, Renee.” She warned me about Scott’s dark past with a cult. Shocked, I confronted Scott, who reacted violently, but the police intervened. It turned out to be a film we were making about a misunderstanding on our real wedding night, which inspired Scott’s creative script.