The actor himself was astounded by the news of Kevin Costner’s divorce in addition to the general public.

According to his pals, the actor was unaware that his wife was preparing to divorce him.

The most recent information regarding this situation is provided in the paragraphs that follow.

The divorce of Kevin Costner is degenerating into chaos. His estranged wife, Christine, stated that, with Costner’s consent, she was able to access the family account and obtain the records she required to examine the family’s 2022 income and expenses. This was done to support the $248,000 in child support she is requesting from Costner.

The actor and Christine had three teenage children together, and according to their 2022 profit and loss statement, Costner made $19,517,064 in total income that year. The family’s expenses, she said, were $6,645,285, and after all costs and taxes were deducted, the family’s net income for 2022 was estimated to be $7,595,520.

A certified public accountant (CPA) was even engaged by Christine to conduct a forensic examination of Costner’s “gross cash flow available for child support.” According to the CPA’s analysis, Costner has an average monthly cash flow of about $1,536,808.

The CPA also found that the amount’s current monthly guideline for child support payments is about $152,681. The CPA went on to say that this figure should actually be $248,000 each month based on the lifestyle that the children are accustomed to, which is depicted in the spending account from the prior year.

“I realize that our lifestyle is extraordinary. I appreciate how very blessed we are to live this way. It’s important to not only to provide a warm and comfortable home for our children but to also teach them family values and gratitude,”

Christine said in court documents. “I understand that guideline child support based on Kevin’s income in 2022 would be $152,681 per month. As set forth above, the amount needed to maintain the children’s current lifestyle is $332,264 per month, which is 60% of what our family spent.”

The document further read, “although it is less than the amount needed to maintain the children in their accustomed lifestyle, I am requesting that the Court order [Costner] pay me $248,000 per month in child support.”

Christine who was alleged by Costner of not moving out of the family home said that she is willing to do so but “cannot do so without support from Kevin.” She further added that “

Kevin has continued to pay all of our expenses since separation. However, he has done a number of things to make it more difficult for me to pay for things, and there is no guarantee he will continue to pay these expenses going forward. Thus far, Kevin has not been willing to commit to paying an appropriate amount of child support.”

The CPA also concluded that Costner’s income might be substantially higher than they had estimated because they lacked complete information regarding all of his business holdings.

The CPA added that Christine was “not yet provided with any tax returns, financial statements, or general ledgers for any of Kevin’s businesses nor have we been provided with statements for personal credit cards of the parties or with statements for credit cards paid by Kevin’s businesses.”

The next month is the date of the child support hearing.

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