We often hear about people who live the rockstar lifestyle. They have fans that are clamoring at their feet 24 hours a day and it seems as if they can’t get enough of the fame, along with the partying lifestyle.

This is something that many of us equate to the rock stars that we see today, but it was similar back in the 60s as well. We can see this in the case of Peter Noone, who was part of the band in the 60s, Herman’s Hermits.

This wasn’t your usual rock band that you see today, it was a little more tame as far as the music is concerned but it seems as if the teen heartthrob was doing many of the same things behind the scenes that we expect from big rock stars today.

The band toured the United States and Britain and they even had a number-one hit in England in 1964, I’m Into Something Good. Millions of records were sold and they were wildly popular.

Noone even admitted that he really didn’t know what he was doing and he had a shy little boy stage persona, which really fit in with his actual personality.

In 1965, they managed to outsell the Beatles and had 20 hit records, including There Is a Kind of Hush, and No Milk Today. A $1 million record deal was signed by the time he was 17 and even Elvis Presley came to perform with him in 1965 on stage.

He admitted that he was living the rocker lifestyle but he said that he didn’t ever get into drugs. The other rock ‘n’ roll habits, however, were part of his life.

He said that they were able to stay up all night because they were 16 and 17 years old and by the next morning, they were up and at it again. These days, he is in his mid-60s and looking back on life and all that he was able to enjoy at the time.

He also said that he never got sick of touring but he considers himself to be fortunate to have survived the debauchery of the 60s. He said it makes you stop and think because not many of his contemporaries have lived until this time.

When he was in his heyday, he would hang out at the Moody Blues house and he did enjoy drinking some. He would party with the Stones and the Beatles and hang out with them, even though they were about seven years older than he was.

They would go out to clubs and John Lennon would buy him drinks because he was only 16 years old. For the most part, however, he did it just to fit in with the rest of the people he was with.

Even though he didn’t consider himself to be an alcoholic, he did start going to Alcoholics Anonymous meetings with his father at the age of 19. He realized that he did need to cut down and although his wife still drinks on occasion, he is dry.

He met his wife when he was 20 and they have been married for 43 years. At the age of 24, he quit the band and admitted that all of them wanted to do different things at that time.

These days, he is still performing on occasion and he is as charismatic as ever. You can see that for yourself in the following video: