If you think that you can eat tasty and satisfying at home, pass by this Top 10 Most Expensive Restaurants in the World. Seriously, it will only upset you. But, as the notorious Ambrose claimed, not every housewife is given to build something enthusiastic restaurant in the kitchen. So our ten can be useful to someone!

1. SubliMotion, Spain — $2077 per person

Ibiza. The most luxurious restaurant on the island. The result is clear, not only the most famous people of the whole world gather here, but also the latest cuisine novelties. In the most expensive restaurant in the world, you will be surprised by molecular cuisine. One dinner includes up to 20 dishes, and they cost so much that it is difficult to find an appropriate epithet for this amount.

2. Masa, USA — $565 per person

And in 2006, this restaurant was the first in the world in terms of price tag. And this is the most “biting” restaurant from the category of sushi bars. In general, Masa has a lot of regalia, but for some it is a place for a daily lunch.

3. Plaza Athénéé, France — $532 per person

A magnificent hall in which some king of the Renaissance would consider it an honor to dine, chandeliers made of thousands of precious crystals, silver appliances … Do you feel what it all smells like? Of course, in a big way, because such expenses must be justified. To finish off your wallet, Plaza Athénéé chefs use rare and very expensive ingredients.

4. Restaurant Le Meurice, France — $500 per person

Another French restaurant greets its guests with chic halls a la Versailles, but products come here from all over the world: lobsters, Guinean game, chocolate come together in an exquisite menu. And to be on trend, they are all organically grown, and the dishes contain as little sugar as possible.

5. Maison Pic, France — $420 per person

A traditional multi-course meal that begins with appetizers and ends with dessert is not cheap when it comes to one of the Drôme restaurants in the south of France. Proximity to the Alps, or something else, but the melting chocolate dessert from Maison Pic is something unforgettable! The score, however, especially its final section, will also be very difficult to forget.

6. Crissier, Switzerland — $355 per person
This is where luxury has reached its climax. Try steamed lobster medallions with chestnuts and creamy potatoes served with pinot noir sauce, or sea urchin lightly boiled in champagne with hot fennel is the best place to try. Well-trained staff will make the act of eating food a representation of taste and style, moreover.

7. Aragawa, Japan – $355 per person

The Land of the Rising Sun is represented by a steak restaurant. But not simple steaks, but steaks from the beef that is called Kobe – marbled Japanese beef of unsurpassed quality. If you are already salivating, and your hand is reaching for the phone, book a table, do not rush: you will have to wait several months, the line of Japanese steak fans is so long.

8. Alain Ducasse in Dorchester, England — $325 per person

Continental French cuisine in the heart of good old England – London – is another test for a bank account.

9. Underwater restaurant Ithaa, Maldives — $305 per person

For three meters of ocean above your head you will have to pay an excellent amount. If this does not stop you, then we note that the cuisine here is replete with the most “earthly” dishes, not excluding, of course, seafood. Booking a table here is not easy, because this is one of the most beautiful restaurants in the world.

10. Gordon Ramsey Restaurant, England – $180 per person

A celebrity chef rarely spoils restaurants of his name with a personal presence. He has discovered a great many of them all over the world and he physically cannot shine with himself. However, this does not prevent putting a significant price tag on any dish from the menu, and a full three-course dinner will “fly away” for 10 thousand rubles. However, experts say it’s worth it.