Newly minted owners often compare the appearance of a puppy with the birth of a child, and there is some truth in this. A small pet requires a lot of attention, understanding and care. Like all babies, puppies love different sweets. Treats are a great help in training, help to establish the right relationship with the owners and simply cheer up a four-legged friend. In order for the treat to bring only benefits, it is necessary to understand the types and features of dog goodies.
Most veterinarians and long-term owners prefer to give ready-made treats to their furries. Factory sweets are easier to take with you for a walk, in addition, you can choose a product that is best suited to a particular age and breed. The modern pet industry offers these types of treats for puppies:

1.Cookies. All kids love flour. “Human” cookies are strictly contraindicated for puppies, because they contain a lot of sugar and unhealthy fats. Therefore, it is worth picking up a special treat. The products are based on cereals: wheat, oats or corn. Usually the recipe is supplemented with mouth-watering meat ingredients that pets especially like.

2.Sausages. sausages are very popular due to their semi-moist texture. Appetizing treats “to the teeth” of any puppy, while they contain a lot of natural meat and nutrients.

3. Natural dried foods such as deer antlers, pig ears, calluses and bones are great fun for a young dog. These are absolutely safe products that are suitable for dogs of any breed and age. The treat is not so easy to chew, so one delicacy will take all the attention of a four-legged friend for a long time.

4. Fortified puppy treats are a great way to keep your growing body healthy. A variety of sticks, croquettes and rolls contain natural meat and are supplemented with a vitamin and mineral complex.

Also, it is worth noting that factory delicacies are made taking into account the breeds of dogs, their size and age. Usually, all the information is indicated on the package, it is also worth focusing on the individual characteristics of the four-legged pet.