Dogs are not only loyal and smart, they are also different. Long-haired breeds are popular at all times. Not everyone will get one for themselves, as the coat requires special care, but everyone likes to look at photos of them with beautiful hairstyles. Here are five breeds that can be braided and ponytailed.

These are the five dog breeds that can be braided. Very nice, isn’t it?

Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkies are considered a glamorous breed, they are miniature and retain their puppy-like charm throughout their lives. The puppet appearance becomes more pronounced if you make a hairstyle for the yorik, for example, collect a ponytail and decorate it with a bow. Passers-by showering compliments may not even guess how much work such beauty costs. These dogs need to be bathed and brushed daily and taken to the groomer regularly. If you are not ready to provide the coat with proper care, then you should not start such a dog. In a neglected state, yoriki not only look bad, but also exude an unpleasant odor.

American Cocker Spaniel

Once they were hunters, and now they have become ideal dogs for the family. A unique breed, from representatives of which breathes at the same time royal generosity and good nature of a simple guy. As for appearance, there are no questions here, the American Cocker Spaniel is the pride of its owner. In addition, they are distinguished by a complaisant disposition and high learning abilities. However, for service purposes, those spaniels are more often chosen, in which the coat is shorter and easier to care for. The owners of such dogs can indulge in creative impulses and weave magnificent pigtails for their pets.


This breed has many names, and they all reflect the essence: melita, maltese, lapdog – it’s all so elegant. Maltese dogs are very affectionate and incredibly beautiful. Such beauty can be brought to those who want to be the owner of a long-haired dog, but are not ready for complex molts. This is just a find!

Afghan Hound

This breed is significantly larger than all of the above, but it can also be called glamorous. The Afghan Hound is a model in the dog world. Everything about her is perfect, from the color to the elegance of the physique. Her silky fur is a subject for admiration. To reveal all the beauty of the Afghan Hound, you need to provide her coat with proper care. Future breeders should take a break from the charm of appearance and compare whether they are ready to spend time daily on all the necessary care procedures.


Beautiful, good-natured and just smart – it’s all about collies. Representatives of this breed are included in the ratings of the most intelligent dogs, they have incredibly developed hearing. Their complaisant nature and ability to learn make them ideal guide dogs. And even dogs that have not undergone special training are ready to help their master in everything. Collies get along well with children and other pets, if any. Now the breed is no longer as popular as it was a decade ago, and this is why the sight of a collie gracefully walking on a walk is simply mesmerizing.

A dog of any breed, receiving proper care and attention, will be beautiful. The breeds listed here are valued primarily for the beauty of the coat. Each of them can be made into ponytails and braided, the main thing is to accustom your pet to this process from an early age.