Over the thousands of years of history of horse breeding, horse lovers have bred more than one hundred different breeds that are perfect for all kinds of human needs – from hunting to agricultural work. Breeders have made great efforts to bring out real beauties with a bizarre color and article, as well as miniature horses that act as pets. Each breed has its own merits and disposition. Your attention is presented to the 6 most unusually beautiful horses on the globe.

6. American Paint Horse

 The “Painted Horse” is an all-time powerful animal with large muscles, often starred in westerns due to its classic beauty. Height 145-160 cm, weight 450-500 kg. The color of the horse is piebald, with a variegated color. There are also black, mouse, bay, cream, gray, brown, red horses, but painthorses with shades of “champagne” and “silver” are considered the rarest. The breed has become famous for its friendliness and calm nature. She easily learns, listening to the owner in everything. In addition, the painthorse is very patient with those who are unskilled in the saddle, which is why it is the best choice for beginners in equestrianism.

5. Appaloosa

Representatives of this small breed of chubar color have a graceful physique and endurance, as well as legs with pronounced muscles. Height 142-162 cm, weight 450-500 kg. Chubary coloration can range from cream with dark spots to dark with light markings. The good-natured docile breed is not devoid of courage, ingenuity and physical strength. Appaloosas are easily trained and trained. In most cases, the presented horses are used in circus arenas, at fairs, in sports and for learning to ride for beginners and children. Compliance and friendliness make it possible to use these animals in effective hippotherapy.

4. Haflinger

This breed cannot be confused with other horses, because of the white, like snow, mane and gilded color. Height 132-150 cm, with a weight of 415 kg. This strong horse has strong pairs of legs and powerful sternum.She inherited her name from a Tyrolean settlement named Hafling.This horse has an unusually great love for others and kindness. Representatives of the breed are infinitely flexible, active and smart.Haflingers’ agility makes them the best choice for riding, and their innate ability to work is indispensable in agricultural affairs. Horses are used in hippotherapy, various competitions and races.

3. Scottish Coldblooded

Horses of this breed are the descendants of Dutch mares and powerful Flemish stallions brought to the expanses of Scotland for mating with local mares. Horses grow up to 1.63-1.83 m., with a weight of 0.82-0.91 tons. As a rule, the color of the Scottish cold-blooded is bay, but horses with gray, black, carac and classic bay colors are also seen. Most animals have white spots on the body and muzzle, and there are even so-called “socked” horses. To date, the described breed is under special control in the UK due to the fact that the number of these horses has greatly decreased in the past century. Representatives of the breed are very energetic, with a cheerful character.

2. Knabstrupperskaya

This breed has a very unusual coat color. On a white background, unusual spots of red, bay and black shades often appear. Height 155 cm, weight 500-650 kg. These submissive and kind-hearted horses are very strong. They are well trained and follow all the commands. For them, there is no stubbornness and anger, which is why knabstrupper horses are wonderful friends with children. Due to the majestic move and endurance, such horses perform in circuses, competitions and have proven themselves in horseback riding.

1. Gypsy Harness

This horse is known by various names such as Gypsy or Irish Cob and Tinker. Height ranges from 135-160 cm, with an animal weighing 240-700 kg. The growth of the gypsy harness is average, and the massive head is located on a wide body. On the hook-nosed muzzle there is a small beard. The mane and tail of the animal are very thick. The muscular legs of the horse are overgrown with wool to the hooves, which is commonly called “friezes”. As a rule, the color of the horse is piebald, but there are also black representatives, with white spots. The skin is pink. The Gypsy Harness is considered to be a universal breed. The horse feels great both in the harness and under the saddle. The gypsy cob is distinguished by unpretentiousness, endurance and an amazing immune system. The horses are a little phlegmatic and never buck, making them well suited to children or adults who want to take their first steps in equestrian sports.