Mothers love their children, and this is no exception in the animal world. Your attention is a selection of warm photographs from the animal world, which contains the warmest shots of the manifestation of maternal love.

That’s how tightly mom – meerkat hugs her baby to her.

Mom – a polar bear has already three children, but she does not forget to pamper anyone with her affection and love.

Mom – the king penguin is closely watching her cub. Despite the fact that he is already quite large, he is still in danger.

The Siberian (Amur) tigress is forced to raise her offspring in extreme conditions.

Fur seals, captured in a playful mood, are attentive to all the changes around them, even when they are passionate about the game.

This baby will not be able to escape from under the clear supervision of the mother for a long time.

Mom knows that keeping a child clean is a very difficult job.

Lion cub with mother in Serengeti, Tanzania. “The mother understands what the child does not say.”

Mom – a monkey calms her curious baby.

The mother carries the naughty wolf cub to the lair to hide from the cold.

Tenderness and snow leopards.

A mother is a monkey holding her dozing baby in Myanmar, (Burma).

Mom – an elephant leads her child so that he does not lag behind.

Mother panda carefully watches her cub.