Dogs are considered to be man’s most devoted friends. Four-legged pets quickly win the hearts of households and become full-fledged members of the family.

Unfortunately, active walks with a pet often lead to the loss of the animal. Moreover, not only a dog on a “free” range can escape from the owner, but also a pet on a leash.

Tailed tricksters may well contrive and slip out of the collar, seeing something very attractive. Therefore, no accessory can guarantee absolute safety for a dog.

If we cannot completely prevent the loss of a dog, it is worth taking care of the safe return home of a pet. A collar with a QR code is the most modern and convenient method for identifying a pet.

The main selection parameter is the size. To do this, the owner should measure the girth of the pet’s neck. As a rule, manufacturers offer 4-6 options for the volume of the product. The larger the dog, the greater the muscle mass – the greater the girth of the neck. Ideally, the collar tightly wraps around the pet’s neck, while not cutting into the skin.

The accessory is a traditional collar with a small medallion on which a unique graphic code is applied. The QR symbol contains basic information about the dog: name, age, contact details of the owners.

Product Benefits

1. High strength. As a rule, the collar is made of nylon, a synthetic material that has a special density and wear resistance. Special locks allow you to securely fix the product on the dog’s neck. At the same time, nylon is quite soft and does not cause allergic reactions. In addition to nylon, collars can also be made from other materials; now collars with a QR code are presented in a wide range on the pet products market.

2. Uniqueness. By purchasing a collar with an identification code, you get the opportunity to register your four-legged friend in the international database of missing animals. The largest resource contains information about missing animals around the world. This is especially true for active people who are used to traveling with a pet.

3. Unlimited information storage. The “predecessor” of the collar with a QR code is a token – an address book, which allows the application of a very limited number of characters. Usually, the owner manages to fit only a nickname and a phone number on the medallion. Modern collars with a QR code are much more practical in this matter. When registering the code, the animal receives a personal page on the network, where you can specify all the important information.

As a rule, the owners indicate phone numbers, addresses, breed and nickname of the pet, as well as the characteristics of a particular animal. Each dog is a unique creature with its own character, habits and characteristics, and understanding the behavioral nuances will allow a person who has found an animal to quickly and safely return the dog to its owners. Multifunctional models allow the introduction of a passport and vaccination cards.

4. Safety. No owner is immune from the loss of a four-legged friend. Statistically, only 30% of “losers” find their way home on their own. In the worst case, the dog dies, in the best case, strangers find the pet and leave it to themselves. A collar with a QR code increases the chances of a safe return of a fugitive. Especially when it comes to urban areas.