General characteristics and birthplace of the breed

A playful little snow-white dog is able to turn his owner’s apartment into a real entertainment ground, not allowing either adults or children to be sad for a second.

Country of origin – mediterranean

Average life expectancy – 12-15 years old

Height – 21-25 cm and 20-23 cm

The weight – 3-4 kg

The Maltese is a small dog whose body length exceeds the height at the withers. The coat of the Maltese is long all over the body, smooth and shiny. Curly hair is allowed only on the front legs. The undercoat is missing. The color is snow-white or with a hint of ivory.

A true devoted companion for his master. He likes to run a lot, jump, plays with everything that will attract attention. It has a cheerful and good-natured character, smart, good trainable.

Nutrition and care of the breed

High-quality holistic and super-premium grade foods process fresh natural ingredients under the supervision of veterinary experts, preserving all the vitamins and minerals of the products. A complex of nutrients is an important condition in maintaining a healthy pet body. For such small breeds as the Maltese, special feed lines have been developed. In particular, one of the best options is the Royal Canin Maltese Adult. You can also cook your own food for your pets. Bolonka should be given beef, chicken, sea fish, buckwheat and rice, egg yolk, vegetables, fruits and greens.

If you do not prefer short-haired Maltese and take care of the long hair of the animal, then be sure to comb your pet regularly to prevent the formation of tangles. After bathing, the pet is first wiped well with a towel, and then dried with a hairdryer, but not with too hot air. The Maltese does not need special physical activity, simple games are enough.