People get a dog for a variety of reasons. Some need a pet for their children, while others need a dog to guard them. But there is another reason why getting a dog is one of the best decisions. This is a guide dog for people with disabilities.

Guide dogs are incredibly loyal, loving, and are the eyes of their visually impaired owners. There are also therapy dogs that help children with autism and other disorders, proving that they really are man’s best friend.

Best Guide Dog Breeds

People who need guide dogs can choose from a variety of incredible dog breeds. Here is important information about guide dogs to help you make the best choice.

Labrador retriever

Labradors are one of the most popular breeds in the world. They are known for their happy disposition, devotion and intelligence. They make excellent guide dogs due to their unsurpassed work ethic. They rarely lose concentration at work and all the time give their owners all their attention. Their friendly nature allows them to get along well with children.

German Shepherd

German Shepherds are one of the most powerful and versatile breeds. Their adaptability makes them a popular choice not only as guide dogs, but also in the military, police, and pets. They are courageous and have impeccable intuition, making them an invaluable asset to their blind owners.


While they may not seem like good guide dogs due to their powerful appearance and massive body, Boxers are quite trainable. They have great patience and are able to form a strong bond with their owners. To achieve the best training results, owners must show boxers that they trust them at all costs.

Border Collie

Border collies are considered one of the smartest dog breeds. People have used them for centuries to herd sheep and other farm animals. Their adaptability makes them easy to train for a variety of tasks. They have boundless energy and are best suited for visually impaired people with an active lifestyle.

Golden retriever

Golden Retrievers are smart, alert guide dogs that can improve their owners’ quality of life. Because of their quick reactions and excellent tracking abilities, golden retrievers are now also used as hearing dogs. They are very obedient and devoted to their owners, putting their needs above all else.


Doberman is one of the most beautiful and strong dogs in the world. It is an incredible power of super strength, while at the same time showing a rare gentle nature. So while Dobermans are highly intelligent and alert guard dogs, they can also be trained to work as excellent guide dogs. They are able to show tenderness to their owners and show unfailing devotion.


Although not a common choice, poodles are intelligent and adaptable, making them capable guide dogs. With the right training, they can make great mentors as they learn things quickly. They are also easy to handle, making them an ideal choice for people wary of large dog breeds.

Guide dogs are intensively trained before being handed over to people with visual impairments. They look for suitable paths, find doors and handles, and learn to avoid obstacles by helping their owners to cross the road. They are taught to unquestioningly obey the instructions of the owner.

But in addition to keeping guide dogs happy, you also need to remember to keep them healthy. Therefore, it is recommended that dogs be taken for regular grooming sessions at trusted venues so that they remain in the best possible condition. Keeping a guide dog is a truly wonderful experience. Thus, always keep an eye on your guide dog.