Puppies of the most expensive breed in the world cost more than $10,000. In addition to high cost, they require high maintenance costs. The list of the ten most expensive dogs in the world is headed by the Samoyed.


The price of a purebred puppy can reach $ 14 thousand.


The cost of a purebred dog can reach $ 12 thousand.


The cost of a purebred dog can reach $ 11 thousand.

Tibetan Mastiff

The puppy pays about $ 10 thousand.


The cost of purebred azavaka reaches $ 9.5 thousand.


The cost of separate purebred individuals can reach $ 9 thousand, although due to the prevalence of the breed puppies can buy and for $ 1.5 thousand.

Canadian Eskimo Dog

The Canadian Eskimo dog occupies the seventh position in value ($ 8,750). The main reason for such high prices is the rarity of breeds.

Argentine dog

those hosts who decide to start an Argentinean can have lunch immediately for $ 8 thousand.

Pharaoh the dog

The cost of a purebred puppy can reach $ 7.5 thousand.

Afghan borzaya

A purebred puppy can do it for $ 7 thousand.