The squirrel is the most common inhabitant of the planet Earth. This animal is found on almost all continents except Australia. Although proteins are a fairly well-known species, but, as before, they remain the object of research and scientific work by many scientists.

There are more than 200 species of squirrels in the world, 13 of which are currently endangered. This is due to a change in their habitats, as well as poaching.

Squirrels have 4 toes on their front paws. They are long and strong, and make it easy to grab bark and branches. Squirrels have 5 toes on their hind legs.

The eyes of the animals are located in a special way, whereby the squirrels are able to see what is happening behind them.

The front teeth of squirrels grow throughout their lives. That is why these animals definitely need to gnaw on solid food – bark, acorns and nuts. So their teeth grind down, and do not grow too long.

Although squirrels seem cute and can even take food from human hands, in fact, these animals are quite capable of defending their own territory quite fiercely. Squirrels have very sharp teeth, and they are capable of falling into a real rage. That is why you should not carelessly stretch out your hands to them or try to stroke them.

Squirrels store their supplies in different hiding places, which can be at a great distance from each other. Rodents cannot physically guard all their supplies at the same time. No wonder that about a quarter of the nuts hidden by squirrels are plundered by other rodents and birds.

During the winter, squirrels lose up to 74% of their reserves. There are many reasons for this: thieves, bad weather, and sometimes animals simply cannot find some of their hiding places themselves.

In captivity, squirrels can live for over 20 years. But in nature, the average life expectancy of rodents is only 3-5 years.