The ability to comfortably and without unnecessary worries to travel by plane worries many pet owners. All sorts of weight restrictions, numerous certificates from veterinary clinics and certain dimensions of carriers are something that every passenger with a pet has to deal with. Every year, airlines soften the requirements and try to simplify this type of travel. What are the changes for traveling with pets in 2022 and what should be done to make traveling with a pet as stress-free as possible?

  • Find out if there are any restrictions on the size of the pet. Although the restrictions and regulations regarding the height, weight and size of pet carriers are reviewed every year, there is still the problem of their differences depending on the airline.
  • Documents for traveling with your pet. For flights within the country, you don’t need to go through veterinary control at the airport. In this case, you must have a pet passport with marks about vaccinations and treatment against parasites.
  • You need to prepare your pet for the flight. To make your pet feel comfortable in the carrier, let him familiarize himself with it before the flight. Set up a cage at home with your pet’s favorite blanket and toys. Familiar things will make it clear that the carrier is a safe place, and the animal will get used to being in it.
  • Preparing the carry. Carrying for any type of animal, that pet flies in the cabin or in the luggage compartment, must comply with the general requirements.