Charlie recently opened a small sanctuary in Greece called The Arc Animal Sanctuary. This was when she started taking care of many cats. In addition, Charlie had a pet dog named Marley. He always mind his own business and lived a good life.

One day Charlie brought home a box of kittens and Marley found himself surrounded by kittens. The dog was completely embarrassed when he saw so many kittens. He was completely unprepared for so many kittens. Marley didn’t understand what these tiny four-legged animals were and why they kept crawling all over him. He also couldn’t understand why the kittens wanted his torso and hugged him. Marley soon realized that it was funny to be surrounded by these tiny kittens.

The kittens were soft and affectionate. They loved to keep Marley warm, draped over his body like little blankets. As the kittens matured, Marley’s attitude towards them also changed. Soon he began to play with them. He tried to encourage the kittens to play ball with him.

To date, Marley has raised about 30 kittens. All kittens have grown into adorable cats. However, many of the cats were not adopted and stayed with Charlie.

Charlie called Marley a cat magnet. All cats are used to sticking to his body most of the time. The best part was that he never objected to their presence. The cats and Marley slept together, hugging each other. Some cats also walked with Marley. It was clear that the cats loved Marley and he was their favorite uncle.