Superhero dog

Jun 22, 2022

Lexi, a rescue dog, lived with her owner Matt in Kentucky. The intelligent animal had fantastic dexterity skills. However, whenever she went out into the backyard, she acted like she was at a skatepark.

The charming dog grabbed his master and ran from door to door. Lexi started jumping up and down the door. As soon as Matt releases her, she will follow her own path, which she made herself.

First she walked around the bush, around the tree, and then jumped to the top of the fence, went down and walked to the next part of the fence. The pet dog found an important job.

Lexie thought her job was to keep squirrels out of the yard. So the dog ran out into the yard, looked around and, if he found a squirrel, chased the kids until they climbed the trees.

Matt taught the dog that all he had to do was look at the squirrels and not hurt them. Max, the owner’s other pet, had a completely different level of energy. Lexi’s sibling was her eyes and ears.

Whenever he started barking, Lexie jumped on the fence. She was interested not only in proteins. If the dog heard a noise, she wanted to see what was going on. Max’s neighbors often found the dog on the fence and greeted her. Even people passing by thought she was an 8 foot dog.

Lexi was a stray dog who was very shy. But she learned to adjust to her new family and loved to cuddle with her master. Soon she began to show off her crazy athletic abilities. Jumping began to progress, and she began to do acrobatics. Matt believed she could become a world class jumping dog. He had to keep up with them, like being around children. His whole world revolved around his dogs, and they loved him in return.