Cale adopted Maggie, his grandfather’s Welsh Terrier puppy. Since she was adopted, she had accompanied Kale in his crazy sea adventures. He taught her how to sail small boats and eventually introduced her to big ships.

Maggie was a slow learner when she was a puppy, but eventually turned pro as she grew up.

A caring owner took the cute dog with him when he went fishing. Maggie was very excited when she saw the sea lion and started shaking her tail for the first time. The lucky dog is really interested in the wild animal. Maggie was always ready for new adventures and loved boating. The brave dog swam 600 miles from the coast and enjoyed it even in inclement weather.

She was just jumping around and just enjoying the ride. She learned to balance in the stormy sea. Even her owner liked to take her on the boat, as Maggie was his best companion.

Calais went fishing for tuna for at least 2 weeks, and the boat trip could take up to a month. Whenever Cale was out fishing, his dog would join him. In fact, she did the same as his owner and other crew members.

The crew woke up at 3am, so Maggie did the same. She hung out with the whole team, had breakfast, and then began to do the same as the rest. Maggie has always been there for everyone.

Everyone on board loved the happy dog who made sure they were all right. Maggie made many friends while fishing with her owner. She kept up the morale of the people on the boat. Kale loved to go on sea adventures with his dog. She became a full member of the team