The wildfire in Australia has affected many wild animals, one of which was koalas. Recently, a dog and a koala had a drink at a former neighbor’s family fountain. It was a beautiful moment captured by Daniel Stone. Fortunately, however, their neighbor Andrew Frost shared it online.

Riley Stone and Olivia Stone named their dog Rusty. The adorable dog had a wonderful personality. He seemed to be very kind to the other animals around him. The koala was a frequent visitor to Stone’s neighbor’s house.

The koala was called Quasi. In sweltering weather, the cute animal thought of visiting his doggy neighborhood and thought of having a drink from the fountain in Stone’s neighbor’s backyard.

Koalas often spend time in tall eucalyptus trees. Therefore, free water is usually not drunk. Instead, they get their hydration from eucalyptus trees. However, they only get thirsty when the climate changes and turn to water.

The Quasi grabbed the edge of the water-filled fountain and drank comfortably. However, just at that moment, the friendly dog ​​Rusty came into the backyard and decided that he, too, needed to get drunk.

Rusty started drinking water with Quasi. The wild animal was not startled or intimidated by the presence of the family dog, and even Rusty didn’t mind the thirsty koala drinking from the fountain.

The dog touched the koala’s nose lightly, and the two animals sniffed each other. Once they were done with their greetings, Kwazi drank the water, as if the koala knew Rusty would like a drink.