Loving couple Lauren and Chas wanted to adopt kittens. Kittens named Sadie and Dottie were always together. They were together since they were born in a forest house.

The foster mom of the two kittens had always been very active on social media and had put their adorable moments online. Most of the time, the two kittens were found posing together.

When Lauren and Chas met the cute kittens, they instantly fell in love. Sadie and Dottie were little buddies and got along well. The couple hoped that the duo would get paired together for adoption.

Of course, that is exactly what happened. Taking the kittens home was the best day of the couple’s life. When the two kittens returned home, they looked around the house. As soon as they settled, their parents realized that they were inseparable.

They did everything together. Whether it’s playing with toys or eating. One thing they liked to do was squeak whenever they wanted something. Before each meal, they sat down, looked at their parents and began to meow.

The kittens seemed to be asking their parents to hurry up with their food as they are starving. Even if they had eaten a couple of hours ago, they would have done the same. For them it was like a routine.

Lauren and Chas found this incredibly interesting. Toddlers cuddling together made them incredibly cute. Sadie and Dottie also had amazing talent. The two of them could fit into any tiny box they could find. The best part is that they hid everywhere together. The couple thought they had the most perfect cats in the whole world.