Dog named Elvis was teaching her owner’s newborn baby to be a puppy since baby was born.

Basically, they are brothers who fight over toys and sticks and they also looking out for each other.

Michaela is their mother, who has watched their relationship blossom from the moment they first met. When Elvis met Ted, he knew the baby was precious to someone and he needed to be gentle.

Since their first meeting Elvis never left Ted’s side. As soon as Ted started crawling, he imitated Elvis by putting toys in his mouth and following Elvis around the house. It looked like two dogs.

These pair always make their mother Michaela laugh. She trains Elvis every day and Ted is also take part in their trainings. When she asks Elvis to sit or lie down, Ted will follow suit.

Their friendship is for over three years. Michaela’s heart melted when she heard Ted call Elvis his brother.

Every night before going to bed these Ted hugs Elvis and wishes him a good night.

Michaela feels so blessed and happy that they both bring joy and love into her life.