You can see dogs that do various tricks, giving a fist bump a handshake, or even some who could stand on their hind legs and solve obstacles.

Whatever the case, Meredith left everyone speechless. The dancing skills and how the duo is under society were the picks.

Kristin and Meredith are from transportation and came to the US specifically for the audition. The Dance Act had a beautiful storyline that touched the hearts of all eyes, and Meredith’s cool moves captured all hearts.

Meredith helped her man change during the performance and happily danced and circled around Christine. It was a very emotional dance and the judges stated that there was no such bestial act at AGT.

Heidi couldn’t stop talking enthusiastically about how Meredith smiled throughout the dance routine. On the other hand, Sofia talked about how excited the dog looked during the dance routine.

Howie Mandel told Christina: “Do you know how ballet tells a story? It was beautiful and it exuded emotion. I have never seen it done so wonderfully.” Simon Cowell further added, “The dog did dance.”

Heidi Klum told Christina: “I can’t wait to see you guys.” The beautiful dance duet earned 4 “yes” from all the judges and advanced to the next round of the talent competition. Meredith was so excited that she literally jumped into Christine’s arms.