Cats at work are a fluffy treat for employees who can’t keep pets due to certain restrictions or because their careers don’t leave time for pets. However, an Ohio company recently adopted two tabby kittens.

They even came up with names for two kittens: Debit and Credit. However, after a few days, the company decided to adopt two kittens to boost employee morale.

Employees of this company in Ohio loved these furry colleagues. The two played with telephone cords and boxes all day to keep them busy at the office. The two kittens were inseparable and always played with each other.

The company adopted the babies from the animal shelter as they believed it would increase their happiness and productivity in the workplace. In addition, many employees who did not have pets found it very interesting.

According to various studies, furry friends in a work environment improve inter-office communication as people talk more in the presence of these innocent animals. In addition, people felt less stress around cats thanks to office kittens that calmed employees when they snuggled up to them.

Even the kittens enjoyed the new environment, playing with the boxes and getting treats. The kids felt safe, and the office even made sure that they were comfortable and fun.

There were minor issues such as kittens playing with phone cords and sometimes walking on the keyboard. However, everyone seemed to be happy to accept these minor issues because it gave them 24/7 access to these innocent fluffy babies.