Mikayla Raines and her husband Ethan run Save the Foxes. They take care of the dregs of the fur farm and try to find a permanent home for them. Mikayla has been a fox rescuer for many years and loved to share her daily interactions with her rescue foxes.

She recently shared online the moment she and her husband Ethan had an unforgettable time together with their Ruppel sand fox, Fawzi. The handsome boy loved being spoiled by his parents.

The trio lay on the bed while Fowsi played on Ethan’s back. He was so comfortable with his father that the fox looked after him and nibbled his ears affectionately.

Even Ethan felt comfortable and trusted his fox friend. He knew that Fawzi would never harm him. The little fox moved along Ethan’s back, as if massaging him. Meanwhile, Mikayla continued to talk to her husband in the background.

At one point, the naughty fox tried to take off the cap his father wore. However, the kid stopped his machinations as soon as his father spoke to his mother Mikayla.

The owners wanted to let everyone know about the non-profit run in support of the Save the Fox Charitable Foundation. In addition, they discussed the fantastic merchandise they will be giving away to the participants.

This was when Mikayla asked her husband to model for a shirt with Fawzi on the back. Ethan, being a perfectionist, completed the task in one go. While Ethan slept, a cute fox played on the bed with his parents.