The Golder Retriever, Bailey, is a typical dog with some peculiar pals. In this adorable video, Bailey displays an amazing capacity for patience and hospitality.

When it’s time for some lighthearted play, Bailey, two baby bunnies, and a budgie are a triple treat of sweetness. In case anyone is curious, the little bird in the video is a budgie.

Bailey does not possess the renowned skill of small-game hunting that Golden Retrievers like Bailey are known for. In fact, Bailey likes having his little friends around.

It’s great to watch these species communicate. The patience and trust shown by the bird, a budgie, may be the most amazing aspect of this film, even though the bond between the three is unexpected.

The attention and petting from the bunnies and Bailey don’t seem to phase Budgie in the least. Typically, birds are wary of people, especially those of greater stature than themselves.

Bailey frequently wags her tail and joins in as she is completely absorbed in the antics of the bunnies and budgie. She is kind and knowledgeable about how these species behave.

This endearing video can be compared to humanity. Even if we may not be the same as one another, our relationships can still be filled with love, care, and affection.