Minnie and her mom, Peggy Kern, headed out for a walk one day like they always do. Everything seemed normal at first, but after a while, Kern noticed that people were looking and pointing at them more than they usually do.

Minnie is cute, so Kern expects people to admire her, but this was a whole other level and she couldn’t figure out why.

“I had my headphones in and was listening to an audiobook, so I wasn’t sure what was going on and why people were staring at us more than usual,” Kern told The Dodo. “I was worried I had something on my face or something!”

After a while, Minnie looked up at her mom — and Kern immediately burst out laughing.

Somewhere along the way, Minnie had found a pacifier lying on the ground and decided to pick it up and carry it with her. As people passed her, they saw what seemed to be a dog sucking on a pacifier and couldn’t get enough of it, understandably so.

Once the mystery had been solved, Kern and Minnie continued on their walk. Minnie loved the pacifier so much that her mom let her keep it for a while until she got too excited and started to break it.

“Towards the end, she ended up chewing it and breaking a piece off, so I had to take it away so she wouldn’t swallow anything,” Kern said.

Kern had been planning for a pretty normal walk that day, but Minnie found a way to make it more exciting and bring joy to everyone she passed.