At one cemetery in Georgia, a soldier is buried. Since no one knows who he was, his headstone remains void except for the words “unknown U.S. soldier”. If at some point he’s identified, his name, birth date, and other information will be added.

Although this could’ve involved any one of the gravesites, it was the one belonging to the unknown soldier.

There, all curled up at the base of this soldier’s headstone was a tiny fawn.

With the American flag nearby, it created a sense of patriotism.

Taylor was so touched that he shared the photo he took with the Andersonville National Historic Site.
As for the fawn, wildlife experts claim that when still young, does allow their babies to wander off a bit to learn to forage for food.

They added it was especially common at the time of year when the photo was taken.
While these professionals are probably right, some people feel there’s more to the story.

Foraging for food is one thing but curling up to the headstone of an unknown soldier is something completely different…at least in their minds.