Dogs are not just man’s best friends or home companions, they are also family members. They often play an important role in a person’s life and even in an entire family. These furry adorable creatures are more than just what most people believe they are.

That is why when a dog crosses the rainbow bridge, it pains its owner to an immeasurable level that sometimes it is almost impossible to contain. Moving on is a must but forgetting is never an option if you are a true dog lover.

We do things to remember them like scrolling through their photos and videos when they were still alive. We print their images on stuff that we often use like coffee mugs and shirts. While some people immortalize their dogs’ images by building a statue of their likeness.
His name is Rex, a dog, and according to people, he’s buried there together with his owner, John E. Stow. Stow passed away in 1884 and he’s one of the city’s most famous fruit merchants.
People who had the chance to see Rex’s statue in the cemetery couldn’t help but share it online.

While another Twitter user named @KevinTMorales wrote alongside Rex’s statue: “In Greenwood Cemetery in Brooklyn there is a gravestone for a dog named Rex. People bring him sticks and place them at his feet because he is still a good boy.”