Professional photographer Antony Tira was taking snapshots and videos of animals in the Maasai Mara Game Reserve in Kenya when his camera lenses caught something unusual. He was sure his focus was on zebras running freely in the wild when he caught sight of something that looked like a zebra, but it did not have stripes at all.

The photographer was quite stunned that such an animal existed. The foal was so rare that he was not entirely sure that he was actually looking at a young zebra or it was a young animal that lost its way in the wild.
What Antony captured was a rare type of zebra that was seen for the first time in the reserve. The foal could not be more than a week old.

These stripes are, in fact, useful in keeping the animals cool while running along in the midst of the hot African wild. They get to maintain optimum body temperature thanks to these stripes.

Because of the benefits brought by zebra stripes in cooling their temperature, these animals get to digest their food better. Their digestion is considered to be less efficient than other animals, hence having a good temperature helps a lot in keeping them healthy.

It is highly likely that the said foal may have a short life, just like the other blacker zebras before it. This is a probability that roots from previous information about blacker zebras, but we hope this little one survives.