One Christmas, Elizabeth’s granddaughter Wanda was gifted a home DNA test.

After taking the test, pretty much everyone in the results matched the family she already knew. But she was surprised to see the name of a woman she didn’t recognize at all.

This woman’s name was Lynne.
Wanda reached out to Lynne, a family member she didn’t even know she had.

When she reached out to her and Lynne said that she had been adopted and had been looking for her birth parents for years.
Wanda went straight to her grandma, Elizabeth Pullen to talk about what she had learned.

Elizabeth confirmed that she had given a baby girl up for adoption and that it was Lynne.
In the 1940s, one of the rules of adoption was that the woman giving the baby up for adoption was not allowed to look at the baby.

That means that when Elizabeth gave birth to Lynne, she never laid eyes on her.

Elizabeth Pullen described her feelings at meeting her daughter.
Fortunately, everyone is excited to meet her and welcome her into the family. A loving family just got a lot bigger, thanks to some modern technology.

Lynne and Elizabeth also say that they are planning on having a big family reunion so that everyone can meet Lynne and welcome her into the family.