Difficult trials were destined for the little girl named Alba as soon as she was born. As soon as the young mother saw her little newborn, she had no doubt that she did not need such a kid. She had Down syndrome and was orphaned.

Later, she had at least twenty potential parents, but, in the end, none of them decided to link life with a “special” kid. But two years ago, Alba nevertheless acquired a non-standard family. Luca Trapanese, 40, has neither parents nor children. In Italy, the adoption of children by single-parent families is a complex process.

But social services responded to Luca’s wish, and he brought the 13-day-old girl home. He may have been helped by his many years of experience in a special care facility. This work taught him patience, empathy and the ability to communicate with sick people.

He went through many instances and interviews to have the right to become a dad for Alba. And for two years the girl has been growing up in a happy family environment.

Luca is raising him alone, but hopes to meet someone who wants to share the joy of fatherhood with him. In the evening, he enjoys the company of his cheerful daughter, who likes to play and dance, and both of them feel happy.