For every photographer, seeing a magnificent wild animal is a dream come true. Conrad Tan made it come true by traveling to the
Minnesota wilderness.
The San Francisco-based photographer had a once-in-a-lifetime encounter with a black tree wolf of stunning beauty.
Tan captured the magnificent beauty and grace of this beast in a series of breathtaking photographs taken during the wintertime. The
experienced photographer was in one of the state’s several wildlife sanctuaries.
Here he had the opportunity to see and photograph this remarkable animal in its natural setting. In fact, the stunning photos speak for
When it comes to photography, Tan, incredibly dedicated and skilled, considers himself a perfectionist!
«I’m obsessed with taking the perfect picture, no matter what it looks like. Because I think I can always make it better, I have a tendency
to struggle with every shot I take,» he admitted. «I think that’s what keeps me coming back
There are so many different disciplines in this activity that I have yet to master. If I can, I also enjoy helping other photographers. Paying
tribute to a profession that has brought me so much joy, in my opinion, is very important.»
These photos capture his encounter with a black tree wolf.
The black wolf is a Native American wolf spirit, and an encounter with it bodes well for an important lesson to be learned soon. They all
belong to the same wolf family, although the black fur distinguishes them from the gray wolves.
In this case, the cause of the black fur is a hereditary problem that enhances the dark pigmentation of their skin.