Everyone is used to the fact that the stunning Jay Lo always appears before the audience with bright makeup and a ponytail. The artist
is always elegant and beautiful.
Probably, a few months ago, few people would have thought that Jennifer would show a photo in its natural form, without resorting to
makeup and photoshop.
It is likely that the artist is tired of the routine that arose due to the pandemic.
The photo shows that the singer has just got up. She is still in a robe with uncombed hair. At the bottom of the picture, the artist wished
everyone a good morning.
The picture resonated with fans. This is evidenced by 2.5 million fan likes and their numerous comments. Everyone noted how young
and fresh Jennifer looks for her age. It is worth recalling that the singer managed to celebrate her 51st birthday. Some fans started
showing their morning selfies instead of compliments.
When asked how the singer manages to look like that, she answered like this: «First, you should always sleep enough so that the body
has time to rest. It’s the most important. If a woman does not get enough sleep regularly, her skin begins to age.» Therefore, J. Lo tries
to sleep at least 8 hours.