Many people believe that a bald head adorns a man’s head and makes him more masculine and brutal. But this is not always the case.
And many famous men have never decided on such a haircut «under zero».

But today we will fantasize a little and imagine some stars with a bald head, though virtual. Let’s see who suits, and who better not to
Robert Pattinson is a completely different person.

Jason Momoa looks kinder without hair somehow.

Leo is very reminiscent of a leader!

Chris Evans looked a little sad.

It’s even better for Zac Efron.

Henry Cavill is a real charmer!

Ryan Reynolds looks much older without hair.

And Harry Styles has become younger.

Nick Jonas has changed a lot.

Benedict Cumberbatch, don’t!

Would you recognize Ezra Miller in this style?

Timothy Chalamet is frankly funny!

Justin Timberlake has become a very serious man.

Tom Cruise has become younger.