This is one little trick that every parent can benefit from knowing.
Ask parents about tips on putting a baby to sleep and they would tell you a lot.

There are truly countless ways to put a baby to sleep.
Like reading them a story, singing them a lullaby song, giving them a relaxing dim night, and much more.

Some parents find clever ways of doing the job like tiring their babies, letting them count sheep on their heads, giving them a relaxing massage, and also the famous “patting” technique.
Dad shares old trick to put baby to sleep and gets over 22 million views
With time, an evolution has occurred in putting babies to sleep.

Lucky are the first-time parents because the internet offers them quick and easy access to “tips and tricks” in putting babies to sleep.

But if you are looking for a live-action “how-to” demonstration of how it’s done, then you are in for a treat!

The simplest, most effective of lulling a baby to sleep.

Is that even possible? In the world that we live in today, nothing is impossible!

This awesome dad will show you an adorable example.
As of this writing, the video has already amassed over 22.4 million views, with hundreds of thousands of likes, and tens of thousands of comments.

What did the dad actually do on the video? He didn’t do much. It’s almost safe to say that he put in a minimal amount (if not zero) effort.

He just used one hand to put his baby to sleep.
No need to read that last line again. You absolutely read it right. Yes, the dad put his baby to sleep with the use of a single hand.

I’m not sure how long he’s been a father but to be this expert, you’ve got to be plenty experienced with kids to pull off this kind of magic.

The video starts with Dad and baby sitting beside a dog.
The little charmer seems to be trying to wake his furry buddy up for playtime. However, the dog doesn’t budge.

Dad is staring into the camera, and it looks like he’s already planned something before he even started recording everything.
Then the magic happens.

It sure does look magic, as many mothers and fathers can tell you.

He gently starts stroking his hand on the baby’s face.
On the very first pass, you can immediately see the baby being instantly lulled off toward dreamland.

With the second pass, it again gives the baby that drowsy look.

The third time he strokes his hand over his baby’s face, it looks as if he has charmed him into total slumber.

But hey, the baby looks like he’s ready to give it a fight.

Finally, on the fourth and final pass, baby went “night night”.

After all, sleep is very essential and beneficial to a baby.

“Sleep is very important to your child’s health and well-being. In fact, good sleep habits start from birth.

Children who do not get enough sleep may have trouble functioning during the day. At night, they may find it hard to settle.”

Though there’s no telling what time the video was taken, or if dad knows his baby is ready for sleep, one thing’s certain- the adorable baby’s face is worth those tens of millions of views!

Some of the online viewers even jokingly wrote some comments about the real reason why the baby fell asleep:

“Dad why does your hand smell like chlorofo- zzzzzzzzz….”
While another viewer shared:
“I used to work in a daycare, and this a is trick some of the veterans taught us coming in. It really only works if the child is already tired, and just fighting it. You’re just forcing an already sleeping baby to close their eyes. Eventually they just give up and fall asleep.”

This technique is a valuable addition to any parent’s arsenal of baby slumber trickery. Especially for those parents who are having a hard time making their children sleep. One tip- use your hand! that’s it.