Motherhood is demanding for any woman, but it has added pressure for a teenager. They often question their ability to parent and judge themselves for having a baby so early in life.

Teen moms often face unimaginable hate, and they have to grow up faster than the rest of their peers. One young mom’s journey wasn’t easy, and despite receiving the nastiest comments, she made a brave choice.
A joyful Maddie Lambert shared her story in 2021, and the glowing smile on the 17-year-old’s face made it hard to believe the severe bullying and opposition she had experienced a few years before.

She was a typical high schooler in Fort Worth, Texas, until she fell sick. Lambert’s entire family suffered from the stomach flu, and she thought her symptoms were just a bad case of the virus. But she was wrong.

A trip to the doctor revealed that she was pregnant, and when her mom heard the news, Lambert was terrified. However, her mother was supportive and promised to be there for her.
While she had the backing of her mom, Lambert was still worried about what others would think. She also had mixed emotions about keeping the baby and said:

“I got pregnant at 13. Should I get an abortion or adoption? Then literally the second I looked at the ultrasound screen I knew I can’t give up this baby.”

Deciding to keep the baby meant Lambert would have to tell her family and friends about the significant development. One of her biggest fears was the nasty comments, and people didn’t hold back.

Lambert said many people told her that she was throwing her life away, and someone even sent her the address of an abortion clinic. It was a painful journey, and the negative reactions affected her.

Another hater sent her a message: “I hope you guys die in labor.” Fortunately, Lambert was a fighter, and the pushback fueled her on the road to motherhood. She stated:

“The hate made me want to do better. It made me want to show them that I’m going to be the best mom ever. Even though I’m young, I’m gonna be the best mom they’ve ever seen.”

In a video, it was evident that the young mom did everything for her little girl. Commenters highlighted her maturity and said she was a better mom than many older adults. The teen mom added:

“Many people assume I’m a bad mom just because I’m a teenager but I have the same capacity to parent as anybody in this world.”

When baby Everly was four months old, Lambert decided to share their journey on YouTube. Her first video quickly went viral, and her real-life experiences resonated with many people.

There were positive reactions and, as expected, opposing opinions. Lambert welcomed all topics on her channel and was happy to assist others facing similar circumstances.

One of Lambert’s clips featured her ex-boyfriend, Isaac, also the father of her child. He was 15 at the time and didn’t believe her when she told him she was pregnant with his child.

He was an absentee dad for ten months until he finally took a paternity test. Isaac said:

“I was gone for that ten months, and I can’t do anything about it now.”

Determined to make up for his past mistakes, the proud dad adored his little angel when he finally met her.

The couple co-parented their little girl and told viewers that it wasn’t always easy. However, they always had Everly’s best interests in mind and were focused on giving her the best life possible.

Online trolls tried to prevent Lambert from having a beautiful journey with her baby, but she didn’t listen to them. She also credits baby Everly for saving her life. She expressed:

“I struggled with depression before. I had a suicide attempt when I was 13. I was having trouble finding my place on this earth. When I found out that I was pregnant with her, it gave me a reason to fight.”

Lambert’s definition of the best mom was someone ready to make every sacrifice for their child. She said:

“I dropped my whole childhood. I do everything for that little girl. She is my entire world.”

Everly is lucky to have a mom like Lambert. While their story was full of obstacles, Lambert’s love for her child carried them, and her perseverance is an inspiration for other young parents. What do you think about her journey as a teen mom?