It’s not every day that we come across phenomenal stories of unconditional love and affection, but some of them are so incredibly touching that we cannot help feeling emotional.

While stories of parents abandoning their children are truly heart-wrenching, there are also kind and considerate souls who never hesitate to inspire the world with their positivity. The story of the Decoud family follows the same spirit.

On January 6, 1977, a 27-year-old woman named Edith was surprised to find a baby abandoned outside her door. The same baby, who is now a grown-up man, took to Facebook and shared a picture of his foster mom holding him. He also shared:

“I always tell her (his mother) how much I love her, and how much I appreciate that she has taken a risk for me.”

Edith was initially shocked to find the little baby outside her house because he was so fragile and defenseless. But without second thoughts, she welcomed him into her life and promised to love and care for him for the rest of her life.

The baby was only 3 days old when Edith found him, and from then onwards, she began celebrating his birthday on January 3 every year. She and her husband decided to call him David. Regarding his parents, David gratefully expressed:

“I am what I am thanks to my father and mother, who were my angels on earth.”

David grew up in the Villa Morra neighborhood of Asunción, Paraguay, with an elder brother and his parents. He never missed out on anything and was always provided a loving and protective environment.

Netizens leave heartwarming comments on David Decoud’s emotional social media post. | Photo:
Netizens leave heartwarming comments on David Decoud’s emotional social media post. | Photo:
He didn’t know he was adopted until he turned 12. At school, his classmates teased him for having a different skin color than his parents, and he gradually began harboring doubts regarding his personal identity.

When David confronted his mother, she told him that she had adopted him from a hospital. However, she refrained from telling him that she had found him abandoned on her doorstep, as she felt it might shatter his heart.

Finally, when he turned 24, he learned the complete truth at a barbecue party where his uncle was also present. He told him that someone had left him outside his mother’s door, and she quickly welcomed him into her life at the age of only 27.

David explained that since that day, he’s had massive respect for his parents, especially his mom. His father, who left for his heavenly abode a few years back, entrusted him with taking care of his mom. David continues to make good on his promise.

Despite learning about his adoption story way later in life, David was always grateful to the Decoud family for accepting him into their home and heart. He is now a successful sound engineer and owes all his achievements to his loving parents.

Indeed, Edith and David’s story is incredibly touching and inspiring, and we hope they continue to love and be there for each other like they’ve always been.