After the shock of the request subsided, Joseph and Shanna Weight were certain they wanted to bring the sister of their adopted son into their family.

When Milo’s birth mother made the decision to give him up for adoption, she was only 18 years old.
According to Joseph Weight of Good Morning America, “She was a young mom and she had grown up with a lot of siblings from a lot of different fathers.” She never got to know her father, so she wanted to give her child a better life than she did.

Nash, the Weights’ biological son, was born two years later.

Milo was kind of the ideal first child, according to Shanna Weight. “He was everything to us. I have no idea what he has done to save our lives. Nash’s joy and vivacity keep us on our toes.

Over a year after Nash was born, the Weights were surprised to receive a call from the adoption agency A Act of Love.

If the couple was willing to adopt Milo’s biological sister, the adoption agency wanted to know.

“They called us and asked if we would consider adopting his sister,” Joseph Weight said. “Milo is going to be a big brother.” “That’s a big one,” I thought at the time.

“I was completely shocked. We had absolutely no financial means to adopt a child. We can’t do this, was my first thinking, Shanna Weight recalled to Inside Edition.
Over the course of the weekend, they prayed a lot and came to the conclusion that they were supposed to be the girl’s parents.

When his biological mother traveled to the area to be close to the family before giving birth, Milo got to meet her.
She was really kind to him and just told us how appreciative she was, thinking we had done such a good job with Milo and that she was overjoyed we had chosen to take Onni, Shanna said. “[Milo] was extremely pleased to see her,” Shanna added. “ “She felt really good that they would be together with a family that she felt comfortable with.”