Most individuals are likely familiar with the name Richard Gere. The renowned actor is loved by millions of people throughout the world and has starred in many films.

Richard Gere’s ability to still find time to honor his father’s birthday like any other regular person is what we find most attractive about him. What a wonderful man.

On Sunday, Homer Gere, the father of actor Richard Gere, who resides in North Syracuse, celebrated his 100th birthday with his son and other close relatives and friends.

At a café in Armory Square, the group commemorated his birth’s 100th anniversary. Richard Gere, his son, was the focal point of the party.

One of the oldest eateries in the square, Pastabilities, hosted the birthday celebration. Since 1982, the restaurant has been open for business. Because they shared photos of the veteran actor, his father, and restaurant workers on social media, the eatery must have been overjoyed to have a Hollywood star in their midst.
On Sunday night at 8 p.m., they most likely posted after the party was over. Richard Gere visited Pasta’s tonight to commemorate his father’s 100th birthday, according to the image’s caption.

Richard Gere was raised in Central New York after being born in the city of Philadelphia. In 1967, he attended North Syracuse High School, where he received his diploma. Former insurance salesman Homer Gere served as a volunteer firefighter for the North Syracuse fire department. He also served as a Meals on Wheels volunteer throughout his life. He still calls North Syracuse home.

Richard still travels there frequently to see his father. His mother and Homer’s wife, Doris Gere passed away in 2016.

Alejandra Gere and Richard Gere were united in marriage in 2018. Together, Alexander and the couple’s younger son, who will be born in 2020, have two sons. Even the name of his youngest son is unknown because the couple has decided to keep their kids out of the spotlight.