An English couple was recently shocked when the John Wick star unexpectedly entered their wedding reception.

Reeves apparently started working on a Formula One documentary for Disney+ while he was staying at a four-star hotel in Northamptonshire.

The 57-year-old Hollywood actor met James and Nikki Roadnight on their wedding day because he was staying at their four-star hotel, where rooms start at £266 and go up to £495 per night.
Newsweek claims that the hotel owner, who was also the prospective groom, noticed Keanu in the hotel bar and instantly invited him to the wedding.

Nikki told Newsweek that her husband approached Keanu in the bar area and informed him that they had recently became husband and wife. He extended an invitation for Keanu to visit and join us for drinks if he so desired.

“He was quite cordial and promised to return later. Although we were unsure if he would, it was cool that my spouse had spoken to him!

During the ceremony, a hotel employee approached Nikki and informed her that a “very special” guest had come to wish her well on her special day, according to Nikki.

And as she went to welcome the visitor, she was surprised to see Mr. Keanu Reeves there!

“I went to introduce myself and say hi, and I offered him a drink, but he rejected and said he’d just had a long flight so wouldn’t stay long,” she recalled. “But he was really lovely and friendly and congratulated us on our wedding. It was all very thrilling.”

He was gracious enough to take some photos, and our wedding photographer also got some! Then he spent time talking to some of our guests and taking additional pictures!

She added that seeing Keanu at the reception left everyone in a state of shock.

“As my mother, Jo, snapped pictures, she yelled for everyone to yell “Speed.” Given that it’s one of his earlier movies, we chuckled about that. We love it a lot. I was a huge admirer of both the John Wick flicks and The Matrix movies. It was so cool!

We had the most amazing day, and the wedding was completely flawless in any case, she told the publication. It was extraordinary that Keanu Reeves stopped by to say hello. Something to keep in mind and the beginning of many more joint adventures.

Several fans of Keanu turned to Twitter to discuss the incident when the news became viral.

Some even stated that getting married has no purpose if Keanu won’t come.