When we think about school dress codes, we’re usually talking about rules for the students. But a New Jersey art teacher has gone viral for the shape of her body and the way she chooses to dress it. Her attire has stirred up so much ire, there are people calling for her termination from the school.

A woman who goes by the name “The Art Teacher” @toyboxdollz was the topic of conversation all over the social media when pictures of her in the classroom started circulating around the internet.

A post from last school year recently went viral.

The teacher in question is a curvaceous woman who regularly posts images and videos of herself teaching. And while most of the comments are flattering and celebratory, there are some women who took issue with her being an educator.

“Taking booty pics in a child’s class room yah don’t think you’ll be a teacher long have a good one,” one user wrote.

“Get her out, kids don’t need to see the outcome of you surgeries to look sexually appealing,” another person commented.

Some feel the teacher is promoting her body more than the art.

Not everyone called for her termination. Still, there were people who feel her Instagram content is promoting something other than her artwork.

“Chile this is ridiculous she know exactly wtf she doin getting her body done like this it don’t even look nice or natural get some help,” someone commented.

“You can’t help your body shape,” another person wrote. “However You can help what you wear and poses. Teachers doing back shots and extremely fitting clothes? You should probably have a private page for your personal stuff.”

Young kids aren’t distracted by her body, some commenters argued.

The comments disparaging this woman and her posts were few and far between though. In addition to the men who admired the art teacher’s body, there were plenty of people who defended her right to dress the way she wants to.

“With everything going on in the world today, people are worried about how a teacher looks and what she wears. Some people need a LIFE!” one commenter wrote in her defense.

In one post featuring students, an Instagram user noted that the kids “seem focused on work to me !”

Many argued that while older children may find the art teacher’s body distracting, pre-school and kindergarteners aren’t worried about body parts just yet.

The art teacher spoke out after her posts went viral.

With all of the discussion surrounding her images online, the art teacher took to her Instagram page to share her thoughts about all of it and thank those people who are supporting her from around the world.

“One thing I want to address is the mothers at my school, at my specific school where I am an actual teacher at, some of those mothers are some of my biggest supporters,” she wrote. “I have seen some of these moms have been under these reports defending my honor without me having to say a peep.”

Addressing the people who do have an issue with her appearance, the art teacher said, “It is scary and mind boggling to me that this is really a thing.” She also took time to note that despite what’s being reported online, it is not mostly women or mothers who are calling for her termination. Initially she took all of the comments lightly but now she says things are getting to her.

“I’m still highly favored,” the art teacher said.

With all the increased attention she and her Instagram profile are receiving, the art teacher is accepting donations in the form of badges on Instagram Live. The money she raises will be used to buy supplies for her classroom and for a nonprofit that focuses on art therapy for students.

“I’m working everyday to be a good example for mine. For my family, my students and for my little ones,” the art teacher said. At the end of the day, she knows she’s a good teacher. She said she has students emailing her asking for homework — that’s how she knows she’s phenomenal.

Even with all the attention, both positive and negative, she’s grateful. “I am so happy. I’m still a teacher. I’m still at work. I’m still living in my truth. I’m still highly favored. I’m really excited for the way my life is going,” she said.