A black woman from Connecticut has faced massive criticism from people for her decision to adopt two white siblings. Despite the negative comments, she continues to be a devoted mother to her two kids.

Kimberly Holden is no ordinary black female. She always wanted to adopt kids ever since she was a little girl. Moreover, she was particularly inspired by her aunts, who had adopted children and loved them all immensely.

She was married for three years but couldn’t convince her husband to adopt kids throughout their marriage. Following her divorce, she started her journey as a foster parent in 2011. However, she was soon overcome by motherly sentiments, and her desires intensified.

After fostering kids for some time who were all reconnected with their birth families, she decided to take a year-long break. Kimberly shared that she received a sign from God that a child needed her help, and it was then that she found Elizabeth. She explained:

“Elizabeth and I didn’t care that we looked different from one another, because all we saw were each other’s hearts (and those look the same).”

Elizabeth, who she lovingly calls Lizzie, was only 8 months old when she was brought to Kimberly by a social worker. Drawing from her experience as a foster parent, she was able to develop a deep motherly bond with her daughter.

Kimberly adopted Elizabeth on October 30, 2015. Whenever people saw them together, the mother-daughter duo was made fun of, stared at, and asked absurd questions. There were people who thought she was her nanny or had kidnapped a cute white kid.

Despite the criticism she’s faced over the years, she continues to go strong and believes that love goes way beyond skin color.

After welcoming Elizabeth into her life, Kimberly was contacted by the same social worker again, with reference to some additional adoption paperwork that needed to be signed. It was then that she found out about Edgar, who was actually Lizzie’s baby brother.

The social worker told Kimberly that he needed someone to take care of him and asked if she could do it. At first, she was reluctant because she didn’t know if she could look after a newborn with her job, but eventually, she made up her mind.

On July 6, 2018, Kimberly’s family was complete after Edgar Holden became a part of her world. She now had two adorable kids, and naturally, the criticism heightened. Some people even went on to question why Edgar was “more white” than his sister.

Kimberly shared that she got the majority of the criticism from black people who mocked her for not adopting black kids and giving preference to white ones instead. What they didn’t know was that the state where she lived had a large population of white people.

Elizabeth and Edgar’s birth mother is a Puerto Rican, Greek, and Cherokee woman. That was one reason why Kimberly’s bundles of joy were sometimes treated as minorities. She had never given preferential treatment to children, even as a foster parent.

The mother of two also shared that she’s been called the most terrible of things over time, including several racially derogatory terms. Even worse was when black people thought she wanted to be white because of her adoption preferences.