This family just welcomed twins. Their older kids got to meet the twins for the first time and their adorable reactions were all caught on camera.


When families welcome newborn members, the moment they are brought home for the family to meet them is always a memorable time. For Tarina Stenner, welcoming her twins home was an extra special event.

She actually gave birth to her fraternal twins, Jay and Amber, at 26 weeks. Because of their premature birth, both of the babies had to stay in the NICU for 93 days.


Unfortunately, there were very strict COVID-19 restrictions in place at the time, which is why most of their family members were not allowed to visit the twins as they stayed in the NICU, Tarina’s older kids included. 8-year-old Tyson and 2-year-old Amiyah were so excited to meet the twins, but they had to wait.

Finally, after 93 days in the hospital, little Jay and Amber were brought to their home in Dapto, Australia.



Tyson and Amiyah were not at home at the time, and their parents wanted to surprise them with the babies’ arrival. As the kids went home one by one, Tarina made sure that the special moment when the siblings finally meet is all captured on camera.


The first one to arrive home was Amiyah. Her father carried her in his arms as they entered the house. She was sucking on her pacifier when she walked inside the home on her own and saw the tiny beds in their living room.

Amiyah was visibly surprised when she saw her siblings’ bassinets.


She could not talk clearly yet, but she was obviously excited and happy to see the twins. She could not stop pointing at them and giddily exclaiming baby talk. Her reaction is definitely adorable and sweet!

There was one more beautiful introduction that still needed to happen.


A few moments later, Tyson came in wearing his backpack. He was a bit perplexed and was kind of trying to figure out what was exactly happening.

When he came near the living room and saw the tiny beds, young Tyson could not stop his jaw from dropping.


He was finally looking at his brother and sister. The boy was speechless from the surprise, and the way he tried to stop his happy tears from falling is quite moving and sweet.

Tyson had always wanted to see his brother and sister in person, but because of the COVID-19 restrictions, it was impossible for him to see them at an earlier time. But, now that the twins were home, Tyson couldn’t believe that he was finally seeing the two babies in person.


Tyson and Amiyah could not stop smiling as they gazed at their siblings. It was such an endearing moment that everyone in the family will never forget!

We hear a lot about sibling rivalry and fights between brothers and sisters, but at the bottom of it all, sibling love is still more powerful. These kids and their cute reactions as they meet their twin siblings for the first time remind us how beautiful sibling love really is.