If you ask Megan Elizabeth who her best friend is, the 29-year-old will tell you that it’s her 92-year-old grandpa.That’s when why she agreed to have the best slumber party ever with him.Their best friend vibe is probably exactly what made her TikTok video of her slumber party at grandpa’s go viral.

It starts as a very sad story with a happy ending.“My 92-year-old grandpa called me crying the other day saying he feels lonely and texted me inviting me over for a sleepover,” the video’s text read.Grandpa, who has Alzheimer’s, said he wasn’t feeling well. He’s also been feeling lonely since his wife passed away.

Megan has been trying to spend as much time with him as she can ever since.

Being 92-years-old probably gives you the experience to become an expert slumber party thrower.

So, he had everything all planned out. Snacks, dinner, ice cream, and a movie.
“Hi, Megan it’s grandpa. Would you like to come over and have a sleepover? I haven’t been feeling well and I miss you. We can order food and watch a mystery show. Love, grandpa,” the text read.

If this was going to be a slumber party, it might as well be an awesome slumber party.

So, Megan asked if she could pick up anything from the store for dinner.
So, grandpa gave Megan a list of slumber party supplies to go pick up.

He needed some cinnamon apple sauces, mashed potatoes, and strawberry ice cream.
“Could you pick up applesauce? ‘ he wrote back. ‘The cinnamon kind. And if you go somewhere with mash potatoes, I would like that because I have no teeth and can only eat soft things. Ha. Love you, Grandpa,” grandpa texted. “Thank you. You are my favorite granddaughter.”

She’s also his only granddaughter by the way. So, of course, Megan went and got some applesauce, the cinnamon kind, strawberry ice cream and cones, and went to KFC for some mashed potatoes.

After dinner was movie time! They watched one of grandpa’s favorite murder mysteries in black and white.

Then it was time for a strawberry cone.
“I can’t get over how cute he is eating the ice cream cone,” Megan wrote.

When it was time for bed, grandpa made sure Megan was tucked in nice.

He “made my bed how he used to make it, when I was little with my favorite doll of my grandma’s (rest in peace). And gave me a flashlight ‘in case I got scared,’” Megan wrote in her video.

Now that is just super adorable!

“‘Staying here brings back so many good memories from my childhood. I love my grandpa so much!” she said in her video before tearing up.

Grandpa also made sure to wave her goodbye and wish her a good day before she left for work in the morning.
“‘I am thankful for my grandpa and he will never understand how much love he truly has shown me,’ she said. ‘And more importantly, the love he showed my grandma while she was alive. I believe in love and loyalty because of this man. He is my hero,” Megan wrote in her video.