When we see people who decide to go tiny, it’s usually young men and women, or young couples, who don’t really have a lot to get rid of before moving in.

It sounds like a good idea for someone who doesn’t have much of a collection of stuff, and just wants to save money for some years before they properly start their life.

However, this is not necessarily the case. Senior citizens can also benefit from tiny homes, although deciding what to take with them and what to leave behind might be a little too hard for them.

The woman who takes us on a tour of her tiny home today is a retired music teacher, who at some point realized that she didn’t need all the rooms available in her Tennessee home.

Adele Smith, who had been a music teacher in Tennessee for many years, used to live with her daughter in their 1,300-square-foot home. But then, as her daughter got older, she decided to start her life as an adult- which meant, in her own home.

This meant that Adele would spend most of the time in her large home, which she didn’t even make the most of.
“I had a lot of clutter […] and I never touched it,” she explained in an interview with Tiny House Giant Journey. “I realized I use this bathroom, […] I sit right here in the living room, […] I go into the kitchen for necessary things, and then my bed.”

This is actually what made her consider downsizing. There was so much space that she didn’t use in her house that she thought she could take with her what she really needed and fit it into a tiny home.

So, she advised with Tumbleweed House, and then she knew exactly what was the best thing for her to do.

She bought a 20-foot home, which is also a certified RV, and took it all the way to Oregon, where her family lives.

She has put it on a farm, where she and her sister have many farm animals.

The house might be small, but she has worked with the designers to make the most of the space it offers.

She has a small kitchen, since she does minimum cooking, and lots of storage room. She has also used bungees to store her musical instruments, and she really enjoys hanging out in there.

The best feature of all? The hot tub on the custom-made deck that she asked someone to build for her later on.

As Adele explains, she loves hanging out in there, no matter what the weather is like. Honestly, who would want a hot bath on their deck?

After being retired for a year, Adele now works as a part-time music teacher at a local Christian school. Overall, she can’t wait to spend her retirement in this cozy home she has dreamed of and designed for herself. she shared:

“It feels like a little piece of heaven for me.”

Watch the video below to get a closer look at Adele’s charming tiny house!
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