From unknown to heroes
It’s surreal to think that there are heroes in people we pass by every day.

They might be your neighbor, a member of the community, or someone who lines up in the grocery with you.

On Emerson Street, two young men rose from their incognito status to two of the most celebrated people in their community.

Quick to act
When Darius Dillard and Nate Williams saw a house of fire, they didn’t hesitate to jump in.

A fire was raging in one of the houses in their neighborhood when the two men were in the area.

But instead of running away, the two decided to check if there was anyone inside.

Fortunately, they listened to their instincts.
The two reportedly kicked open the door of the home and saw the residents scrambling for their things.

“They were trying to get stuff out of the house and we were like, ‘no, you don’t have any time to get anything out of the house, you just need to get out of the house,’ and go because I don’t want none of you all to get burnt or nothing,” Williams said to Rochester First.

No one left behind
One after the other, the two saved all of the family members. They saved five residents in all and they didn’t even know the family.

All they know was if their own families were placed in a similar situation, they hope someone will do what they did.

Family is the most important.

And for Dillard and William, this is the first thing they checked when they emerged from the burning house.

Dillard said that he was relieved when every member was accounted for. Then, he checked himself and his cousin William.

Everyone made it out of the ordeal alive and well.

The story then became viral

Before long, the news catapulted the cousins into renown. The local community praised them for their heroic efforts while also praying that the family quickly recovers.

Williams Sr., Williams’ father and Dillard’s uncle, said that having the family unharmed is the most important thing not only for the victims but for them as well.

A prideful moment
He expressed his pride for the boys and wished the family can get back to their home and start the healing process.

Williams Sr. added that he and his wife have been teaching their son to be a good man.

Seeing what the boys did, he knows that they’re on the right track.

He added that the two “cared more about other people than just themselves” and he hoped that this attitude stays with them and carries them far.

The two also stopped by the town hall. They were both recognized for their heroic actions during a city council meeting.

A day was named after them.
While the local fire department warned against their actions, they were proud of them too.

“Job well done. Please don’t do it again,” said RFD Battalion Chief David Compton, warning about putting oneself in harm when rescuing someone.

Nonetheless, he also expressed his deep gratitude to the boys and encouraged them to take the civil service exam.

Dillard said that he will continue to live up to what the city was noticing them for and as for William, it’s all about making Rochester a better place to live in.

See how these “incognito” cousins became famous for their bravery in the vide below!