When Betty Walter got a text from a friend about a dog who’d been hit by a car, she instructed the friend on who to try and contact to get the dog the help she needed. Walter is experienced in rescue and fostering, but she was at work at the time and also knew she didn’t have room to take in any more dogs. As the day went on, though, she couldn’t stop thinking about the dog, and once her shift ended, she drove out to where the dog was to see if she’d been rescued yet.

When Walter arrived, she saw that the dog was still there — along with another dog who was standing guard over her.

The dogs, later named Betty White and Allen, had found a grassy area away from the road where Betty could rest. She was clearly injured, and Allen knew that, which is why he wouldn’t leave her side. He sat there protecting her, scaring away anyone who tried to get too close. He clearly loved her so much and desperately wanted her to be OK.

“When I pulled up, there was a couple of dogs in the distance [and] he chased them off,” Walter told The Dodo. “When I got out of my car to look at her, he ran toward me … I had to assure him I was there to help.”

Walter took the time to try and gain Allen’s trust so that he would let her help Betty. After a while, her friend who had texted her came by to help her get Betty into the car. The whole time, Allen stood watch nearby, making sure that Betty was OK. Once she was in the car, Walter and her friend were able to grab Allen too. It was clear that he wanted to go with her. If they were getting rescued, it had to be together.

As soon as she saw their sweet bond, Walter knew she had to make room for the dog best friends and took them home to foster them. She was worried if she didn’t, she might not find someone else to take them, and they could end up being separated.

“Here in Houston, it is hard to find fosters for big dogs,” Walter said.

Betty had a broken pelvis and needed surgery to fix it. Once the surgery was done, she went home to her new foster family to heal and be with Allen. As the weeks went on, it became clear to Walter just how bonded Betty and Allen really are. They love each other so much, which is why Allen wouldn’t leave her side when she got hurt. He just wanted to be with her no matter what.

Betty still has some healing to do before she’ll be ready to find her forever home. She needs heartworm treatment and physical therapy, and Walter expects it’ll be a few months before she’s ready to be adopted. Allen is technically ready now — but of course, he’s not going anywhere without Betty.

After everything they’ve been through, Betty and Allen just want to find a loving home where they can be together, and Walter is determined to help them find that.

“They really love attention,” Walter said. “[They need] someone who is going to give them lots of kisses and hugs. To keep them safe and make them feel safe. Allen loves toys, [so] someone to throw the ball and play chase with. Betty wants a bed to lay and stay by your feet.”