Recently, a hungry puppy in Romania searched for food on the side of the road during a rainstorm. Wet and scared, the pup rummaged for something to fill his belly.

As fate would have it, a kind stranger passed at just the right time. When she spotted the young pup, she knew she had to help.

A puppy searched for food on the side of a road.
“Denisa, our wonderful vet, was driving back from seeing family,” June Chapman, spokesperson for 1 Dog At A Time Rescue, told The Dodo. “[She stopped] to feed the strays on her way home as she always does, and saw a frail little pup so tiny and thin she could see he was in desperate need of care and his life [was] in danger from the speeding cars.”

The concerned vet got out of her car to see if she could help the puppy. At first, he wasn’t so sure, but with gentle persuasion, he put his face into Denisa’s hands. She named the puppy Toby.

You can watch the sweet rescue video here:

“Thankfully Little Toby is now safe at the clinic with our vet Denisa and will receive all the care and treatment he needs,” Chapman said. “He will be looked after in a foster home until he is old enough to travel to the UK.”

Soon enough, Toby — who’s estimated to be 1 or 2 months old — will find a family of his own. For now, he’ll never have to worry about searching for scraps in the rain ever again.